Centos 8太坑了吧,居然暂停了....

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2019-09-10 According to this thread, work was stopped on CentOS 8 after upstream released 7.7. Since so many more users have CentOS 7.x in production, and no one has 8 yet, priority has been given to the 7.7 update... and once it is done, work will continue on 8.

期盼了几个月的Centos 8还没有发布,现在转头去更新Centos 7.7了,等7.7版本更新后才会继续更新centos 8的工作。
这里面是不是有个惊天大幂幂?RHEL是不是从中作梗了?故意拖慢8的进度?好让人去用RHEL 8?
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